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My Grandfather

My grandfather was a great man. He was an inventor and an innovator, as well as a family man, a teacher, a volunteer, a soldier, an engineer. I spent part of a year at Grandma and Grandpa’s house when I was growing up, and I learned a lot from Granddad then. He had a quiet [...]

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How to Follow Politics More Efficiently

Who’ll win, Al Gore or George W. Bush? Let me explain why my statistical model proves Al Gore is gonna be Mr. 43. Oh, wait– the election was a decade ago, argh. So much for my 10,000 word essay! When it comes to politics, the longer you hold off, the better the return you get [...]

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Smarter than the Teacher

There are great teachers out there, but there are also lousy ones. Practically every kid who goes through the school system eventually experiences being Smarter Than The Teacher. In high school, I once got a calculus textbook confiscated because the principal felt it was a distraction during algebra class. It can feel frustrating, especially in [...]

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10 Metaphors For Love

What is love? My girlfriend and I came up with some great metaphors for this intangible bond which holds people together. Love is…… ……A Thrill Ride. Sharing experiences with another person adds an element of non-control into the picture. Suddenly you’ve got a “better half” who you can never completely predict. One reason it’s so [...]

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Romance Movie Cliches

If you ever find yourself starring in a major Hollywood blockbuster and there’s a girl you want to seduce, here are some ways you can go about doing it. * Tell her you love her and can’t live without her. If this doesn’t work right away, it’s because she’s not sufficiently convinced, so spend the [...]

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“I Love You” Variations

In English, the phrase “I love you” has become a fixed expression. Among couples, it often loses its literal sense of expressing love, and instead becomes a kind of communication protocol. All too often, when we say this phrase, we do it with a slight rise at the end, almost like it’s a question, and [...]

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