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Writings dated 6 November 2014

“Did you really think you could hide what you’ve done from me?” my wife said in an accusing tone. “It’s on the frontpage of every paper. In fact it’s so silly, it’s on the frontpage of every tree.” My wife was always telling jokes like that. Putting up with my cruelty and then chiming in [...]

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Short Story: The Roller Coaster Friend

At this fortnight’s writing group meeting, we did an interesting exercise. Each of us jotted down some random details about a character, then we randomly swapped those characters and each of us wrote a story about the character we got. I finished my story with time to spare, so I added a short epilogue as [...]

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Short Story: The School Play

This week in the writing group, we did an exercise where there were eight randomly generated words and we tried to use them all in our story. I managed to go through them in order three times, but points off for using some of them twice in a row. Can you guess the eight words, [...]

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Short Story: Edward Snowden as a child

At today’s writing group the focus was on improving our dialog writing. We randomly generated about ten dialog prompts, the goal was to pick one or two and use them in a story in 15 minutes. I managed to use all of them; which is less impressive than it sounds because by luck, they all [...]

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Short Story: One Year in the Future

I’ve started attending a writers’ group here in England, meeting every two weeks. Every meeting we do a fifteen minute writing exercise; I guess I’ll start publishing the results of the exercises here. This time around the theme was writing for teenagers. The scenario was randomly chosen: “A character goes forward one year in time. [...]

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The Pool

Three friends went to a pool party together. The pool was full of people splashing around and having fun, but of course the hardest part was making the initial jump. The first friend jumped in right away. The shock of the cold water quickly went away and he had fun with everybody in the pool. [...]

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Dream Report, Jan 9, 2010

I was in the math department, and I saw one of the professors carrying a big pizza box. I decided to follow him, to see whether the pizza might be for some colloquium or math club meeting where I could get away with grabbing a slice. Instead, he led me to a hidden door which [...]

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Ten Buddhist Koans

A Buddhist Koan is a short tale used to nudge people closer toward Zen enlightenment. Since I really appreciate and love these witty little verses, I decided I’d share some of my favorites here. At first, I thought I’d garnish them with some detailed commentary and analysis. Then I realized, the verses are like works [...]

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The Kubla Khan Poem

One of my favorite poems is the Kubla Khan of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (the same poet who penned The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, previously featured on this site). In fact I like this passage so much that, back when I was in high school, I memorized the whole thing. So instead of copying it [...]

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Short Story – The Balancing Beetles

I just returned from an exotic African safari (editor’s note: this is fiction), and I’d like to share with you the details of a new species I discovered, the Balancing Beetle. These critters vary widely in size, with the smallest being almost microscopic, and the largest rivaling even the big jungle cats. They come in [...]

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