The First Irregular Linkfest

I decided to start collecting interesting links and publishing them! I made the decision last week, and until then I had been utterly neglecting to “star” posts in Google Reader or save them in any other way, so the first batch of links is mostly limited to things I’ve run across in the past week. Anyway, enjoy the link love!


John Baez: This Week’s Finds (Week 311)

Ruben Berenguel: Road Trip Through Iceland: Day 3 – Waterfalls and Glaciers, Hoarding Projects: Minimize the Trouble

Adrian Bowyer: Printing People, RepRap Universal Mini Extruder

Lieven le Bruyn: The Reddit (after)effect

Sonic Charmer: We Should Cease The Ongoing Military Operations In Afghanistan And Iraq

Chazisop: Networks and unnecessary complexity

David Corfield: Category Theory and Metaphysics

Cory Doctorow: Audio of yesterday’s iSchool talk

Bill Gasarch: Three Questions that I think Watson would have trouble with

Michael Giudici: Goodstein’s Theorem (and here is my article on Goodstein’s theorem: Goodstein Sequences)

CTK Insights: Inverse Functions

James: How to Improve Your Articulation

Joe4TheRecord: Pedestrian Rage

Julz: Just Another Manga Monday #7

Khatzumoto: Boredom is Pain

Dick Lipton: TeX Is Wonderful, What Is TeX?, This Statement Does Not Refer To Itself, Buyers Who Must Have Two Items

Michael Lugo: How do graphing calculators do numerical integration?

Michi: The Topology of Politics

Vick Olliver: 3D Printed Adult’s Bicycle

Alex Papadimoulis: Enterprise Dependency: Big Ball of Yarn

Terence Tao: Lines in the Euclidean group SE(2)

Thomas Sauvaget: On twin primes and Lucas pseudoprimes

Jeffrey Shallit: “Any” Considered Harmful

Sam Shaw: Part I of a Self-Inflicted Challenge: The Line of Best Fit

David Simmons-Duffin: The arXiv According To arXiv vs. snarXiv

South Bend Seven: Page numbers on television

Sumidiot: Textbook Poll Result

Walt: Polytopes with Non-Rational Coordinates

Moor Xu: Content-Free Mathematics


David and Dale: Morning, Sleepy Head!


FuzzyYellowDuck: Mash-up Mayhem

Cygna music: Euclidean Subspaces, and other ambient pieces

Tool-Assisted Speedruns

Aglar and Andrewg: Super Mario 2 No-Warps Speedrun in 18:29.26


VX Junkies