Tenth Linkfest

This linkfest is a week later than it was supposed to be. The past week or two I haven’t felt like blogging. In fact, I still don’t, so with this linkfest, I didn’t bother alphabetizing the entries by author name by usual. You’d be surprised how much faster that makes it. Or maybe you wouldn’t, since you know that merely listing links is an O(n) chore, whereas listing them alphabetically is an O(n log n) chore. Anyway, there has been a lot of good blogging in the past three weeks so I hope you’ll enjoy these links.

The past linkfest was: Linkfest 9


Ken Baker: The twice-punctured torus

K.W. Regan: Logic in Action

John Armstrong: The algebra of differential forms, Pulling back forms, The Lie derivative on forms, The exterior derivative is a derivative, The exterior derivative is nilpotent, De Rham Cohomology, Pullbacks on Cohomology, De Rham cohomology is functorial, The Interior Product

Peter Woit: String theorists throw SUSY under the bus

Akhil Mathew: The etale fundamental group of an algebraic group is not necessarily abelian

Ngô Quốc Anh: Energy functionals associate to integrals of exponential type, The mean curvature under conformal changes of Riemannian metrics

R.J. Lipton: Make your own world, Hilbert’s 10.5th problem

Alexandre Borovik: Alan Turing and linear algebra

Qiaochu Yuan: The Heisenberg picture of quantum mechanics

The Mathematician: What are Integral Transforms and how do they work?

Alan Guo: Cantor’s diagonal argument and undecidability, Commutative algebra and the Frobenius problem

Gunter Fuchs, Joel David Hamkins, and Jonas Reitz: Set-Theoretic Geology (arXiv)

Can Başkent: Homotopies in Classical and Paraconsistent Modal Logics (arXiv)

Arnold Miller: The hierarchy of ω1 Borel sets (arXiv)


Rob Beschizza: Internet activist accused of data theft (downloading too many JSTOR articles)

Peter Eckersley: Why We Need An Open Wireless Movement

The Physicist: Would it be possible for humans to terraform Mars?

South Bend Seven: Amateur college athletics aren’t

Sonic Charmer: Dumb stuff I think people think

Mark Lee: The Labor-Market Economics of “Zookeeper”, Captain America and his Non-Struggles against the Holocaust and Racism

Timothy Gowers: A message from our sponsors (decoding the newspeak in the announcements of the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

Scott Selikoff: The Tell-Tale Cable

Alex Papadimoulis: Three for three, Recursion, and Wrong Answer, Encrypted XML

K.W. Regan: Self-defeating sentences

Delta: Less time to learn (hypothesis: The less time students have to learn, the higher their testing scores are)

Lance Fortnow: Delay for a postdoc

Khatzumoto: It’s not time, it’s choice

Stokes: Clean vs. Unclean Reading

JSE: Pros and Cons of math contests

Cristopher Olah: The City and the Guerilla Gardeners

Bill Gasarch: Disproving the myth that early logicians were a few axioms short of a complete set

Kareem Carr: Choosing a Journal for your (math) Paper

Bati: The Trolley Problem: an ethical dilemma

Henry: Weird dreams

Tanya Khovanova: Some jokes translated from Russian, Math as an Aphrodisiac, How to tell time by looking at the night sky

Avoision: Image as currency: using a photo to buy from Starbucks

Victor Gijsbers: On judgement (of Interactive Fiction game reviewers)

Alan Guo: “Impossible” vs. “Zero Probability”, Error-correcting codes

Remy Porter: Ajax in the Underworld

Andrew Gelman: How do we evaluate a new and wacky claim?

Art and Photography

Telefunker: Abandoned Belgian horse-racing track, Abandoned Belgian retirement home, Abandoned Belgian power plant

Nick Yates: Badlands, Yellowstone, Yellowstone to Boise, Boise to Newport

Music Remixes and Mashups

Pogo: Bangarang (Hook Remix), Wishery (Snow White Remix), Upular (Up Remix), Murmers of Middle-Earth, Bloom