Eleventh Linkfest

The month of August has been something of a “lost month” for me. I’ve spent entirely too much time playing video games, and didn’t get as much research done as I should’ve… but now I’m coming out of that slump with recharged energy. Sometimes it’s good to take time off. Besides, as the links below make manifestly clear, there’s been no lack of fantastic scholarship showing up in my corner of the blogosphere. And now I’d like to share some of that scholarship with you, so please enjoy the (possibly late, but who’s keeping track anyway) Eleventh Linkfest!

The previous linkfest was Linkfest 10.


Luboš Pilsen: Old (physics) theories as limiting cases of new ones

Santo D’Agostino: An amusing (and instructive) error I made while solving a recurrence relation

Terence Tao: A geometric proof of the impossibility of angle trisection by straightedge and compass, Hilbert’s seventh problem, and powers of 2 and 3

Akhil Mathew: The Fourier-Deligne transform for l-adic sheaves, Chern classes, Invariant theory for the general linear group

Sam Lewallen: Positivity, Dynamics, and Knots

John Baez: Bayesian Computations of Expected Utility

John Armstrong: Integrals are Independent of Parametrization, Integration on Singular Cubes, Integration on the Standard Cube, Stokes’ Theorem (statement)

Bill Gasarch: An application of Ramsey Theory to Proving Programs Terminate

Michael Lugo: Dimensional analysis for gravity trains

The Physicist: Why does light choose the “path of least time”?

Daniel Moskovich: A little bit of purity is a great deal

JSE: Bourqui on spaces of rational curves and motivic Batyrev-Manin

Yan Zhang: On Physical Units

Richard Lipton: An Error Correcting Code From The Book


Dartagnan: No, I don’t want your ‘Rewards Card’

Markus Kayser: The Solar Sinter (3D printer using solar and sand)

Al Sweigart: Nobody cares about a few million nanoseconds

Deena Stryker: Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Richard Lipton: Big Problems with Big Iron (i.e., with using brute force to speed up computation)

Matt Novak: The Push-Button School of Tomorrow (1958), Crossing a telephone with a TV set in 1968

Stokes: Let’s Play Anarcho-Syndicalist Collective!, Similarities between Moby Dick and Final Fantasy X

Michael Lugo: 867-5309

James Colliander: Evolution labels needed on medicines

Andrew Gelman: Trolls! (of the Patent variety), Blogging is “destroying the business model for quality”?, Blogs vs. Real Journalism

Simon Grey: Copyright Versus Technology, Riots and Free Trade, The Insanity of IP

Michel Bauwens (excerpting Stephen Downes): The War on Individual Property and Common Sharing by the IP Maximalists

Michel Bauwens (excerpting Aaron Swartz): The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

Jeffrey Shallit: Those Creationists are Just so Darn Cute When They Try To Do Math, A fountain of stupidity

J. Simmons: Shared Challenges and Opportunities in Open Source Spaceflight

Ruben Berenguel: Zen in Running

Francis Irving: And so corporations begin to open data…

Alex Papadimoulis: Manually-propagating Worm, Top-grade, SHA1 Encryption, Supporting The Twenty Year Server Plan, The Ice Machine, and The Split Monitor

KW Regan: Is Jeopardy! in Mathematicians? (on Watson)

Rick Falkvinge: And When Even The Death Penalty Doesn’t Deter Copying — What Then?

South Bend Seven: Lessons of the Mini-Skirt

CTK Insights: When am I ever going to use this (math)? Why do we need to learn this?

Orchid64: Will miss #351: WYSIWYG at restaurants

Umair Haque: The Great Splintering (on London riots and the disintegrating social contract)

Lance Fortnow: My Cruise Vacation (with interesting notes on increasing automation)

Khatzumoto: Reading Is Skimming, Bad Goal, Good Goal, Japanese is useless and a waste of time: stop learning it (Or: on the psychology of procrastination)

Sonic Charmer: S&P Downgrade: The Litmus Test

Peter Woit: This Week’s Hype (shoddy journalism on string theory)

Henry: Weird Dreams Volume 1

Aaron Renn: Detroit: A New American Frontier

Cory Doctorow: Getting digital copyright right: pay artists, but don’t break the Internet

Matthew Belinkie: The Bioethics of The Clone Wars

Ben Allen: Demographic Transitions and the Future of Humanity

Tanya Khovanova: Polite Gender Bias (in Mathematics)

Mikko Mononen: Path Replanning in DetourCrowd

Pictures and Art

Telefunker: L’Université (abandoned university in Belgium)

Nick Yates: Pacific Coast, Yosemite, Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountain National Park

Avoision: Return to Wolff’s Flea Market

Music and Video

DJ Project feat. Giulia: Mi-e dor de noi

PangaeaPanga: TAS: Super Mario World “small only” in 1:18:23.22