Thirteenth Linkfest

The Thirteenth Linkfest is here! I have been quite busy lately, so I’m glad other bloggers have been keeping up the slack where I’ve been leaving it off. A lot of the posts in this linkfest are more topical than usual: whether you think it’s a blessing or a curse, we definitely live in interesting times. On the technical side, an alleged outline of a proof of the inconsistency of arithmetic was announced, and soon retracted as the community found problems. Besides that, several prominent mathematicians have announced major developments in their programs. On the non-technical side, the U.S. is rocked by Occupy protests, which dominate a lot of the blogosphere conversation. Hope you enjoy this linkfest!

The previous linkfest was: Linkfest 12


Harvey Friedman: Invariant Maximal Cliques and Incompleteness (PDF)

Richard Lipton: An Annoying Open Problem (Group Isomorphism)

John Armstrong: (Pseudo)-Riemannian Metrics, Isometries, Inner Products on 1-Forms, The Hodge Star in Coordinates, The Hodge Star on Differential Forms, Inner Products on Differential Forms

Santo D’Agostino: Dandelin Spheres

Terence Tao: The Jordan-Schur Theorem

John Baez: The Inconsistency of Arithmetic, Chaitin’s Theorem and the Surprise Examination Paradox

Noah Snyder: Subfactors of index less than 5

James Colliander: Edinburgh Arnold Memorial Workshop Notes

David Speyer: Random Partitions

Willie Wong: Gauge invariance, geometrically

Jesse Johnson: The generalized Scharlemann-Tomova conjecture

William Gasarch: Candidate for a new Millenium Problem

Scott Aaronson: In Defense of Kolmogorov Complexity

Emmanuel Kowalski: Families of cusp forms, Action Graphs

Akhil Mathew: Theorem A via general formalism

Lance Fortnow: Mahaney’s Theorem


Steven Padnick: Batman the Plutocrat

George Csicsery: Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem

Sunanda Creagh: Princeton bans academics from giving copyright to journal publishers

Michael Taylor: Peers, review your actions

Peter Gross: Beauty and the Beast’s Dark Delusion

Daniel Batchelder: Ersatz Genuineness in Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea”

Richard Lipton: The Role of Memory in (Computer Science) Theory

William Gasarch: Where do theorems go to die?

Santo D’Agostino: Using failure as a friendly tool for learning

Nina Paley: Dear Internet, we need better image archives

Dave Winer: Google needs a Google, Can Larry Reboot Google?, Occupying Facebook, The message of Occupy

Vaslittlecrow: An open letter and warning from a former tea party movement adherent to the Occupy Wall Street movement (via zhai2nan2)

Jon Purdy: Correctness is a boolean

David Graeber: Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination

Thirtyseven: #Occupy Itself

JSE: Is Arrow’s Theorem Interesting?

Lance Fortnow: Moneyball, Bibliographies, What is Random?

Tanya Khovanova: Star Trek TNG Science Quiz, David Bernstein’s Paradox

Andrew Gelman: Now you too can buy a selection of garbled Wikipedia articles for a mere $1400-$2800 a year!, That advice not to work so hard

Paul Raven: Robot Lawyers, Human Cashiers

Kareem Carr: The Work-Life Balance

Sam Shah: Putting ME first, (On teaching about) Absolute Values

Remy Porter: The New Hire’s A Bust

South Bend Seven: Bring on the driverless car!

Khatzumoto: In defense of kanji tattoo typos

Burt Totaro: What the papers say (about EPSRC)

Mike Fenwick: The Recipe Multiplier

Henry: Stories from the past: The Nintendo Website at Summer Camp

Bill Grazier: Laughing Our Way to the Altar

Ruben Berenguel: Being Zen in the middle of an argument

Giovanni Dannato: Genetic and Memetic Legacies

Paul Hartzog: Unemployment is the Cure

Darcy Tacoma: A Crash Course in Wine-Making

Art, Photography, Music, Etc.

Telefunker: Egg Factory D (abandoned Belgian egg factory pics)

Bradley Garrett: Space & Grime: Sapping Chicago’s Skyscrapers

Dusty Goodwin: Orders from Mordor (LoTR Remix)

D!tto: Lov.E (Wall-E Remix)