Second Linkfest

It’s that time again, time for another irregular linkfest. I’m still getting the hang of running these. Maybe this batch is a bit larger than I was anticipating. I guess two weeks is too long a period when there’s so much interesting material to share :)

The previous linkfest is here: The First Irregular Linkfest

Blogs and Similar Writings

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Victor Gijsburs: IF Theory Reader: “Crimes against Mimesis” by Roger S. G. Sorolla

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JSE: How the Hippies Saved Physics: David Kaiser visits UW April 1

Dick Lipton: Happy St. Patrick’s Day–Again Again, Levin’s Great Discoveries

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Jeffrey Morton: HGTQGR – Part IIIa (Workshop)

Matt Novak: Lunar Crawlers (1964)

Vik Olliver: Double Wade sighted in the workshop

Orchid64: Won’t Miss #299 – missing sisters, The Situation Now In Tokyo

Christopher Olah: To Print A Vacuum Cleaner

Alex Papadimoulis: The Glitchy SVN, The Disgruntled Bomb

Paul: Earthquake, three days later

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The Physicist: What is going on in a nuclear reactor, and what happens during a meltdown?

Roadwolf: My Ideal Computer Game

Steven Sam: Dickson Invariants

Sam Shah: Books! Books! Books!

Jeffrey Shallit: No Smoking Fail

Derek Sivers: There’s No Place Like Home

Three-Toed Sloth: Speaking Truth To Power About Weblogs, Or: How Not To Draw a Straight Line, The Distribution of Library Book Circulation Is Not a Power Law, or, Gauss and Man at Huddersfield

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South Bend Seven: GE’s Taxes, Should I Have…, Arab league tries the ol’ one-two

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Terence Tao: Bezout’s inequality, The shallow water wave equation and tsunami propagation

Luca Trevisan: Beauty and the Computer, CS261 Lecture 18: Using Expert Advice

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Yan Zhang: Why Hopf Algebras


Mike Fenwick: Bike Lane Guys

Jessica Hagy: Just Pick One

Locohama: Earthquake Damage in my Neighborhood

Telefunker: Papeterie L et C (Belgium), Needle Factory (Germany)


Ibojima, Higher Energy

John Stanford, Ambient Music

Jamie Thompson: Ode to the Flying Buttress