Third Linkfest

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans. My girlfriend and I flew down here so she could attend the AERA conference, a big conference in education. It’s nice that it coincides with a big festival in the French quarter. It’s been a lot of fun checking that out. Even if you aren’t here to check out the festival, you can at least check out some cool blogs. Below are the items I “starred” in Google Reader in the past couple weeks. Hope you get as much out of them as I did!

This is the third installment of the irregular linkfest… here is the second installment.

Ngô Quốc Anh: Weak comparison principle: p-Laplacian with Neumann boundary condition, Several interesting limits from a paper by Chang-Qing-Yang, The (original) Picone identity

John Armstrong: Derivatives in Coordinates, The Derivative, Coordinate Vectors Span Tangent Spaces, Tangent Vectors at a Point

John Baez: Chemistry Puzzle, Network Theory (Part 2)

Ken Baker: Once again, Whiteheadtangletangle…tangle, p q is q p

John Bamberg: Threshold concepts in pure mathematics

Ruben Berenguel: Remembering Facts: Using Mental Associative Chains

Bronan the Barbarian: What not to wear in the gym

Mark Bowytz: CodeSOD: No Letters Allowed!

Blue Shoe: きれい, not just a “pretty” word!, Just Eat It: A Kinkan Primer

Adrian Bowyer: Be your own souvenir

David Corfield: Category Theoretic Modal Logic

Matt Cutts: 30 day challenge: being thankful and going offline

Jason Dyer: Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (with fancy design)

EnigMan: Introduction (via Grelling’s paradox)

Lance Fortnow: Kanellakis and Grace Murray Hopper Prizes, A New Proof of the Nondeterministic Time Hierarchy, The Complexity of the Soul

Bradley L. Garrett: Hacking The London Underground

Bill Gasarch: The Mathematics of Hugging my great Niece Jordan, An unusual Voting Scheme

Simon Grey: The Idolatry of Work

Robin Hanson: Are Dictators The Future?, Two Types of People

Jonathan Herzog: Understanding scam victims

Hilbertthm90: Witt Rings 1

Alexander Hoffnung: A Tetracategory of Spans (or, What Is a Monoidal Tricategory?)

Aise Johan de Jong: How to choose a graduate school?, Formally smooth

JSE: Rick Ungar makes too much of Kloppenburg-Prosser, Thus endeth my career as political prognosticator

Khatzumoto: The Fun Algorithm

Tanya Khovanova: How Many Hats Can Fit on Your Head?, Subtleties of Lies

Tom Leinster: Which Graphs Can be Given a Category Structure?

Dick Lipton: Why is Everything named after Gauss?, I see it, but I don’t believe it, An Important Announcement, Random Axioms and Gödel Incompleteness

Michael Lugo: Folding toilet paper thirteen times, A street-fighting approach to the variance of a hypergeometric random variable

Akhil Mathew: Algebraic Topology Notes

Mersenne: Imaginary Numbers

Jeffrey Morton: Relativity of Localization, HGTQGR – Part IIIb (Workshop)

Matt Novak: Marriage 100 Years From Now (1933)

Christopher Olah: Unicode for Mathematical Typesetting, Rethinking Grade School Algebra

Orchid64: Will Miss #306 – Chibification, Will Miss #302 – Spiritual use of incense

Alex Papadimoulis: The Phantom Password

Dan Piponi: Image-based rendering and some ancient history

The Physicist: Is there a formula for the Nth term of the Fibonacci sequence?, Why is the integral/antiderivative the area under a function?

Remy Porter: Prank’d

Adriana Salerno: Test-making anxiety

Sam Shah: Disp “Riemann Sums” — Programming the TI-83/84, Part II of a self-infliected challenge: The Line of Best Fit

Jeffrey Shallit: Religion at the Science Fair, William Lane Craig Does Mathematics

Brian Simanek: Shared Teaching Methods

Derek Smith: Teaching Evaluations

Peter Smith: Only 46 years late …

Sonic Charmer: Why Democracies Always Try To Overthrow Non-Democracies

South Bend Seven: Reserves

Spencer: Counting and Adding (1)

Sumidiot: Outside the Academy

Terence Tao: An erratum to “Strongly dense free subgroups of semisimple Lie groups”

Luca Trevisan: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Royal Society Report

Suresh Vencat: POTD: A unified approach to Approximate Proximity searching

Tom Wright: Campus Interviews: The Money Round

Kelly Yancey: Personal Exemption

Pictures and Photography

Avoision: Two birds, perching on a bird

Ruben Berenguel: Road Trip Through Iceland: Day 6 – East Fjords, Egilsstaðir and Borgarfjörður

Jessica Hagy: Don’t talk down to us

Joshua Hoffine: Pickman’s Masterpiece

Nophead: Auto z-probe

Telefunker: Château Sébastien (Belgium)


Imee Ooi: Heart Sutra

Tool-Assisted Speedruns

Tomas Abrahamsson: Donkey Kong Country in 08:13.72