Fifth Linkfest

C-c-c-c-combo breaker! Finally the Linkfest deviates from the pattern it was establishing for itself. A Monday linkfest instead of Saturday? How eccentric! The reason the linkfest was delayed was I spent the weekend in Chicago, attending and speaking at the Graduate Student Logic Conference at UIC (if you’re interested, I spoke about Fitch’s Paradox– by the way, the paper I wrote on the subject is now online in the journal “Synthese”, and will appear in print soon, sadly Synthese has a paywall but you can read a bootleg version of the paper here (the bootleg has no author name because Synthese uses double-blind peer review and Synthese’s TOS doesn’t let me alter the final draft)) (the paper assumes basic familiarity with the paradox, so the blog article should be read first, if you don’t already know the paradox)

Here at Xamuel Laboratories, we are constantly researching how to make Linkfests provide more value more efficiently. This time around, we are experimenting with adding new info along with blog article titles, in cases where the title alone gives very little idea what the article is about. Hopefully this will give you a better idea when a link is worth reading, when the blogger didn’t pick a very informative title.

The previous Linkfest is here: Linkfest 4.


Scott Aaronson: Better late than never (or: Correcting yet another batch of shoddy scientific journalism)

Ngô Quốc Anh: The Monge-Ampère equations: An invariant, The Picone identity for p-Laplacian, Uniformly boundedness implies weak convergence, A squeezing argument and application to logistic equations, Commutator of Delta and Gradient on functions

John Armstrong: Continuously Differentiable Functions are Locally Lipschitz

John Baez: Higher Categories for Concurrency, Crooks’ Fluctuation Theorem, Category-Theoretic Characterizations of Entropy, Networks and Population Biology (Part 3)

Jacob Biamonte: Network Theory (Part 7)

Benedict Eastaugh: Developing arithmetic in Gödel’s system T

Mark Eichenlaub: Visualizing Elementary Calculus: Optimization, My Friends’ Birthdays

Victoria Gitman and Joel Hamkins: A natural model of the multiverse axioms (PDF)

Hilbertthm90: Other forms of Witt vectors, Sheaf of Witt Vectors

Jesse Johnson: Why cut disks?

JSE: Can the trace hear the shape of its field?

Tanya Khovanova: A Son Named Luigi

Emmanuel Kowalski: Multiplicativity, where art thou?

Joel Lewis: Strogatz @ MIT

Dick Lipton: Guessing, Navigating Cities and Understanding Proofs

Akhil Mathew: The Dold-Kan correspondence (part 1), Tsen’s theorem

Daniel Moskovich: Why do we study knots in S3?

The Physicist: Q: Is there a single equation that proves black holes are real?, Q: How do velocities add? If I’m riding a beam of light and I throw a ball, why doesn’t the ball go faster than light?

Jeffrey Shallit: Can Irrational Numbers be Represented in a Computer?

Terence Tao: Stein’s interpolation theorem, Effective limiting absorption principles, and applications


Scott Aaronson: CS timeline voting: the results are in!

Avoision: Charles Eugster: 91 Year Old Bodybuilder

John Baez: What To Do?, Moore’s Law for Solar Power?

Matthew Belinkie: Eurovision 2011: Semi-Final Preview Part 1

BlueShoe: Neighborhood Cats, “Real” Japanese, The trouble with J-celebrities

Alexandre Borovik: Some random thoughts about ICT in mathematics teaching, Mathematical Education: Modularisation vs. Linear Syllabus

Wade Bortz: 3D/DC (or: 3D printing convention in Washington, DC)

Sonic Charmer: Sea Salt, Organic Food, Play

Matthew Compher: Portal 2: Modern physics in popular culture? Nice.

Diana Davis: How to publish a (mathematics) paper

Mark Eichenlaub: Dear Admissions Committees…

James Feudo: Don’t Be a Matt Foley Speaker

Lance Fortnow: Ravi Kannan wins the Knuth Prize

Anonymous, c/o Bill Gasarch: How important is Teaching Experience on the job market?

Simon Grey: Group Work and Group Think, An Interesting Idea (a response to my article: Is Mathematics Objective or Subjective?), Gigantic Waste of Time (or: How to improve introductory economics courses)

Timothy Gowers: Some post-referendum consolations

Khatzumoto: When to start getting used to Japanese

Tanya Khovanova: Good Math Research Projects for High School

Robert Krzyzanowski: There Is No Magic

Izabella Laba: Joe, meet Pavlik (or: a response to Joe Lieberman on the need for vigilance)

Dick Lipton: Strange Places to Prove Theorems

Michael Lugo: Two no-hitters four days apart is not that rare

Orchid64: Won’t Miss #313: “Law and order” moral mentality

Alex Papadimoulis: Security by Post-It

Adriana Salerno: Blog(Blog) (or: On a talk, given by Steven Strogatz, about how he chose what to write in a NYTimes math column)

South Bend Seven: Higher Education Bubble, Royals: Okay if they are a long time ago or far, far away

Jeffrey Shallit: Neil Postman: Perpetually Clueless, Review of Monton’s “Seeking God in Science”

Stingray: They Are My Peeves And I Will Pet Them As I See Fit

TGGP: Why didn’t I notice this until just now? (or: The ambiguity of ! when combining math and C syntax)

Luca Trevisan: And where have you been? (or: On iPhone’s habit of recording where its users go)

Ulysses: Weekend Drink Recommendation – the Tardy Derby edition

Pictures and Photography

Avoision: Journey to the End of the Night – 2011

Ruben Berenguel: Road Trip Through Iceland: Day 8 – From Mývatn to Husavik visiting Ásbyrgi and Dettifoss

BlueShoe: This trash bin made me re-evaluate my life

Consolidation Crew: Security Breach: The London Mail Rail

Jessica Hagy: Need For Closure vs. Size Of Grudge

Locohama: Loco’s taken with Instagram #2

Matt Novak: Push Button Lunch (1903), Urban Airport of the Future (1926)

Telefunker: Noah’s Ark (Belgium), St. Elle (Belgium)