Eighth Linkfest

It’s time for the Eighth Linkfest. “Eighth” is an interesting word. If you don’t think about it consciously, it’s perfectly normal, but if you pay attention to it, it’s got a really weird spelling, and the more you think about it, the more confusing it gets.

Late this week I went through my Twitter followers and re-followed a large percent of them, and added a lot of blogs from them to my Google Reader; so the active and well-written ones should slowly start to make appearances in these linkfests in time. If you think I should be following your blog but I don’t seem to be doing that (based on a lack of links in these Linkfests), follow me on Twitter and eventually I’ll get around to adding you. Of course, if your blog sucks or is non-worksafe, don’t expect a lot of link love =P

The previous Linkfest was: Linkfest 7


Scott Aaronson: My response to Gasarch’s P vs. NP poll

John Armstrong: The Lie Derivative, Brackets and Flows

Andrej Bauer: Constructive Gem: an injection from Baire space to natural numbers

Hilbertthm90: Divided Power Structures

Jesse Johnson: Spinning Around the Kakimizu Complex

Johan de Jong: Monomorphisms of Algebraic Spaces

Kostas: Functions of bounded variation

Tom Leinster: The Magnitude of an Enriched Category

Richard Lipton: Integer Factoring, Always Integer Factoring, Coloring Graphs Made Easy?, Random Remarks on RANDOM 2011, (with Kenneth Regan) Polls and Predictions and P=NP

Akhil Mathew: The lower shriek and base change, Cohomological dimension, The proof of Verdier duality, Verdier duality on manifolds (How to get classical algebraic topology from the derived category stuff), The fundamental group of a smooth projective curve in characteristic p, Trying to understand BBD, The long exact sequence in cohomology — on a t-category

Terence Tao: Brouwer’s fixed point and invariance of domain theorems, and Hilbert’s fifth problem, Hilbert’s Fifth Problem and Gleason metrics, The C^{1,1} Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formula

Ben Webster: Diagrammatic and Geometric Categorification

Moor Xu: Technical Writing, Formatting and math style in LaTeX


Michel Bauwens: Short history of the recent events in Greece, and what they portend, Shanzai!! How China’s Cell Phone Pirates Brought Down Middle Eastern Governments, Refuting the ideological warfare used to justify the invasion of Greece, How a new type of social movement is transforming Detroit

Ruben Berenguel: Ego Depletion: Go Eat That Chocolate Cookie to Be More Productive , Happiness is a state of mind

Mark Bowytz: Error’d: Captcha’d — All Facebook Edition

Kareem Carr: How the iPad Has Made My Mathematical Life Easier

C.G. (translated): Democracy is born in the squares

Cory Doctorow: Networks are Necessary, but not Sufficient, for Social Upheaval

Lance Fortnow: Creating an Email System at Cornell

Victor Gijsbers: On the design of Half-life 2, On video game inventory limits

Zacqary Green: This is Not Content

Simon Grey: Two Things (on IP and copyright law)

Henry: Why I love smaller video games, Weird dream report

Khatzumoto: Do something easy or nothing at all. There is no hard.

Cap Khoury: Taking my Daughter to Cedar Point, Six Days to Tau Day, Why I’m not a Star Wars nerd

Mark Lee: Larry Crowne, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and American Transportation Policy

Richard Lipton: Who’s your Doktorvater (or: a Father’s Day post about the mathematical geneology project)

Matt Novak: Jetpack Mailmen (1958)

Hunter Nutall: Should vegetarians enter hot-dog-eating contests?

Orchid64: Won’t Miss #331: Foreigners speaking Japanese to me

Alex Papadimoulis: Another Project, Another Place

The Physicist: Q: What is a “measurement” in Quantum Mechanics?, Q: What exactly is the vacuum catastrophe and what effects does this have upon our understanding of the universe?

Chris Pinchen quoting Colin Hawkett: Wikying public policy making

Remy Porter: Wild Card (a tale of bad university card system security)

Derek Sivers: Fish don’t know they’re in water, Projecting meaning

South Bend Seven: Driverless cars, Measuring prices

Ulysses: Psychoanalyzing Mechanical Failure

Pictures and Photography

Volcanic Penguin: Psychadellivision

Telefunker: Château RedM (pics from an abandoned manor house/hotel in Belgium)